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REAL STYLE – Fashion

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REAL STYLE – Fashion

Nina Ricci Fall 2018 The Shimmer Effect


Whether its gold, bronze, copper or silver Metallic are in for the fall! Metallic is a color that gives off a appearance to be metal with the angle and lighting to give a shiny effect.


From dresses, skirts, tops, sweaters, bags, jackets, accessories and leather: there are so many options. Who’s says metallic can’t be worn in the day or only on New years? Rocking Metallic is best worn with lots of attitude and confidence, either laid back or over the top to make a statement.


When choosing your outfits they need to tell a story, you should be able to do this effortlessly without trying to figure it out. Dress with a purpose, your pieces should speak for themselves. Have the freedom to create, there’s no boundaries and open doors to many opportunities to your shimmer effect.


Genae Dixon Banks

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