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REAL SMART – Business Keys to Success in Business and Life

Real Women Atlanta  Real Smart   REAL SMART – Business Keys to Success in Business and Life

REAL SMART – Business Keys to Success in Business and Life

It’s not always easy staying organized. Life is busy, chaotic and fast-moving. Although it can be easy to get discouraged at times, there are ways to enhance organization and attitude through the peaks and pits life throws at you.


  1. Attitude is Key

A person who is passionately committed to the success of his or her business – who has an “I-can-do-it” attitude – is more likely to succeed. One person can make a difference, and it’s up to you to demonstrate you are one of those people.


  1. If You Never Fail, You Will Never Grow

If it’s always comfortable and easy, you can’t know the big win. When challenged and stretched, you may have a greater chance to learn. Reach out, get involved and take a risk. Oftentimes, the best talent has multiple experiences to share and on which to reflect.


  1. Credibility is Everything

Some of the most important career-saving words are “I don’t know.” Never fake it. If you’re wrong, admit it and correct it. If you’ve made a mistake, fix it and learn from it. If it’s going to take some time to find an answer, set a timetable and stick to it.


  1. Complaining Gets You Nowhere

People, especially in business, simply do not want to hear complaints. If you are frustrated, it is probably best to keep quiet and figure out how you can fix whatever it is, and if you can’t change it, try changing how you think about it and alter your mindset.  


  1. Give Back

Communities are not perfect. They are the responsibility of business, government and citizens. If you don’t commit to making a difference, you’re instead leaving the burden to others.


  1. Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last; They Win

Aggressive and passionate shouldn’t equate with unpleasant. The higher you rise, the more pleasant and understanding you typically need to be. Never underestimate the importance of being thankful and the value of recognition. Ego has no place in business. If you have one, try to lose it.  



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