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Real Power – Fitness

Saque, Butin, Botin


No matter how you say it, It’s about that Booty Ladies we all have been trying to build a better booty. In this article we will learn a couple of exercises that will help us get not only a better booty but also a nice set of legs to go wit​h it. I had the pleasure of talking with Master Trainer John Blackley of Pro Elite Fitness. He has trained athletes like Boxer Hector Camacho to Real Women Atlanta Editor-In-Chief Genae Banks. So when I asked him what do the women usually ask him for, his answer, “The butt. They want me to build or lift their butt.” Most people don’t understand that the butt is formed of two regions the gluteus maximus and the gluteus Minimus. According to Coach No Mercy, “In order to get the best overall look for the glutes, you must have a nice set of legs to accompany them. Therefore, you must do exercises that incorporate shaping, building, and toning not only the glutes but quadriceps and hamstrings as well.” Given that John Blackley aka Coach “No Mercy” has over 30 years of training experience, I think it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two.


So let’s get right to it! There are several exercises you can do outside the gym that will help you build a better butt.


The Squat

When doing a squat it is important to understand that you must have the correct form. Make sure that your legs are shoulder width apart with your feet slightly pointed outward and rotate your hips back is if you are sitting in a seat. Then you proceeded to keep your back up and straight as possible. Slowly bend at the knees until you become parallel with your knees. Please be mindful of your knees when you squat make sure that your knees are in pointed in the same direction as your toes as you begin to descend into your squat. Having proper form prevents injury.


Sumo Squats

Remember sumo wrestlers? There is a squat named after them. How this one is different from the traditional squat is your legs are further apart with your feet pointed outward and after descending into your squat you lift your left or your right leg and then Squat and alternate to lift the opposite leg.



There are many different variations of lunges. They are great for not only the glutes but for firming legs as well. Make sure that when you step out into your traditional lunge that your knee does not go over your foot. In a forward lunge, when lean forward into the movement the knee will cross over the foot. And for my favorite, the curtsy lunge requires that you step back and across into the lunge as opposed to stepping forward. If you are new to squatting, try sitting down and standing up from a chair first. See if you can get to 10 squats a day and then slowly build until you can add your variations of squats and lunges. No gym needed so there’s no excuse! Time to squat and lunge. Now you have foundation moves to be booty-ful!


Fitness Contributing Writer Kim Fremong, Registered Nurse, Fitness Ambassador, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Posing Coach, With Master Trainer, John Blackley of Pro Elite Fitness FB John Blackley

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