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Real Living – Travel

Why Should You Visit South Africa?


South Africa is a country marked by several distinct ecosystems dressed in lush Winelands, rugged cliffs, forests, lagoons and pristine beaches. On the other hand, in the city of Cape Town, you can experience elegance, rich in cultural and historical diversity.
And not many people know this but South Africa also produces excellent wine. Grapes were first planted in 1655, and soon after, the sweet wines of Constantia were acclaimed all over Europe. South Africa is considered a New World wine region however, its wines overlap with an exquisite combination of both Old and New World. They often smell of ripe, silky fruit, all the while showcasing earthy flavors.


Speaking of wine, there’s not a better way to enjoy it than with great food. A very favorite restaurant in South Africa is City Grill, located at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. This traditional South African Steakhouse serves dishes drenched in African spirit they have kept traditional choices like Bobotie and Ostrich Fillet Steak. It has over 150 Vintage wines which can be paired with their delicious food all the meanwhile taking in the gorgeous waterfront views.
South Africa can satiate even the most demanding of tastes. And of course, has something for any type of traveler as well, whether you are a backpacker or a thrill seeker, or whether you prefer the finer things in life.


South Africa is a safari powerhouse, of course when most of us think of South Africa we go to this primitive and entrancing image of wild game roaming through the gorgeous landscapes. We think about water that thunders and the thrilling notion of adventure. However, South Africa is much more than that. It is an English-Speaking hub with a variety of cosmopolitan and modern culture that balance the unsullied wilds.


Shopping in South Africa


Just in Cape Town’s Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, there are more than 450 stores, and even when you stray off the beaten path, in the countryside, there are always farm stalls, arts and crafts markets and more! Some of the things you want to purchase as souvenirs in South Africa are textiles, specifically Ostrich Leather Products, Ceramics, Pewterware, Crafts, The South African Amarula Liquor and wine.


Of course, there are a variety of malls and shopping centers that can fulfill your expectations when shopping in South Africa. We definitely recommend stopping by Flea Markets that sell unique and often handmade clothing, crafts, jewelry, ornaments, collectibles and local food. The Bruma Market in Johannesburg is known to be the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, in Johannesburg, the African Craft Market is where entrepreneurs from all over the continent sell imported African crafts & fabrics in an indoor setting.


Traveling as a Lifestyle


There is a myriad of places to see on this Earth – Mystical places (Like Dubai), some luxurious, others breathtaking (South Africa) and all of them humbling.
There’s a deep connection between traveling and understanding self-awareness. My company strives to strengthen this connection by weaving together unforgettable experiences with hundreds and thousands of travelers. It is a feat that requires much detail, focus, and attention. But also, a self-awareness that evolves into a collaborative system.
My tribe is very much the voice and face of my business. Our collaboration goes beyond booking amazing adventures. They are receptionists for the new traveler, the one that is just immersing herself in the notion that Out There, is where real life begins.


Whether it is South Africa or Jamaica or a state over, here’s a tip for you Traveler:


“Have an Open Mind: Some of us are very blessed in the comforts of society, from the internet all the way down to shoes. However, no matter what, understand that there is beauty in everything around us in one way or another. It may be in the sunsets or the clear waters, but you can also find this beauty in the eyes and smiles of the people that welcome you to their lands.”

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